Fort Lauderdale property management – Important Questions to Ask

If you are frustrated of dealing with your rental property like finding good tenants, resolving their issues, checking tenant applications and signing contract forms etc just leave this tedious job to the Fort Lauderdale property management professional who is experts in offering best services to both the landlords and tenants.

They offer you peace of mind handing all you rental services and property management allowing you to spend your quality time for the finer things in life. They follow open and honest communication with both tenants and landlords resolving any issues with the property with best solutions offered by them.
As a landlord, you can have the services of dedicated property managers in Fort Lauderdale who shall advertise your property on the internet and trusted sources to attract qualified and good tenants evaluating their applications. They take the responsibility of maintaining the property in good condition and allowing visitors a private view to finalizing the interested parties for the best market rent. They also conduct inspections every quarter handling any repairs or maintenance services that keep both the tenants and property owners happy.

Property managers use the internet
On the other hand by approaching dedicated Fort Lauderdale property management companies the prospective tenants can find suitable properties that suit their requirements from the listings maintained by the property company within affordable rents. As they maintain only healthy properties tenants can be happy with all the facilities then can have renting a property through the property management company. However, they should have a good track record of paying rents on time and also happy profile on the social media sites as these are also checked before entering into a tenant contract by the company.

Is the Company Licensed?

Make sure the Fort Lauderdale property managers you hire have undergone the approved courses and passed the state licensing exam. The person managing your investments should either be a licensed property manager or a property manager in charge. The later means that he or she can run a company and hire licensed individuals. The license holder needs to adhere to state-regulated norms with regards to handling your security deposits and rental incomes. In brief, they should have the following;

– Can they Give References?

Make sure you take out time to look at those properties that are currently managed by the company you are considering. Ask for the addresses of a few of the homes or apartments that they are responsible for and survey them. Check if the properties in question are in good condition and whether or not you would personally like to live here.

– How much is the Property Management Services Fee?

Is the fee they are quoting reasonable? While there is no market standard, depending on the area where your apartment or home sits, you should be paying about 8-10% of the monthly rental amount as management fees.

– What Services do they include?

Make sure that the Fort Lauderdale property management is inspecting your real estate investments on a regular basis. They should be checking on the inside at least once every year and the outside once every quarter. This depends on your tenant turnover.
Finally, also check with the company about their eviction rates. A higher rate is an indicator that the company is not screening the rental applications extensively. Also, assess how the repair and maintenance issues are handled and the time frame and procedures adopted for monthly and annual accounting of funds. With a bit of research, you will be able to find the ideal managers for your properties.